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Just wanted to throw this out: opening up for a few sketchmissions for anyone who would like to get one. Just comment here with your request and refs in hand. Feel free to pass this along to others looking to buy some artage. Thanks!

Commission Guide at a Glance by Kresblain


Sketch Dump - July 2012 by Kresblain Cat Pratfall by Kresblain Who's Up for a Gauntlet? by Kresblain


Repairman He Isn't by Kresblain The Sneak Attack by Kresblain Gator Bros. by Kresblain
Streaming a portion of some art for :iconrhodenris: @  Drop on by.
I'm offering some neato icons, if anyone is interested, for $15 each. A second icon of the same character is only $10.

Majority of these will be inked traditionally, with digital colors and soft shading.  I can't provide any existing examples, but take a gander through my respective galleries to get an idea of what you can expect from me.  You will get a high resolution copy along with the 100x100 version.

If you are interested, please send your request in an e-mail to  You are guaranteed a spot in the queue if you send via mail.  Notes and comments will be ignored!

Please include a description and reference (SFW PLEASE!) in your request (either attached or linked) and I will reply back with the Paypal info.  Thanks and good luck.
Working on some birthday art for 3 notable people here on dA, plus a trade for Rhodenris
Also, I'll be opening the mike for those who want to chime in via Skype. Thank you for your cooperation.…
Hey, guys.  Just thought I'd take this moment to do a little promo for a fresh young face in the art world.  His name's RikkiTheBlackFox and he's got a very unique art style.  This young lad is currently taking commissions, so I encourage you to give his gallery a look see.  Have a good one.
Hey, gang!
Just writing to remind you all that I'm still here and still waiting to take your commissions!  I'll take 10 whatever-you-want spots for $3 a piece!  Just reply here or send a note and let me know what you'd like!  Thanks everyone.

1. blackminorscales (done)
2. SparkLum (done)
3. SparkLum (done)
4. BrendanR85 (done)
5. BluebottleFlyer (done)
6. Seizthemoment (done)
7. Dragoniade (pending)
8. Dragoniade
9. Dragoniade
10. Dragoniade
Ustreaming a few Photoshop things for a while. I'll be broadcasting live at

For those not already registered, you are encouraged to use the nickname protocol in the chat.  Just type [b]/nick YourName[/b] to identify yourself to other watchers.  I'll be working on commissions, so drop on by!
Hey, everybody.  Just thought I help out my friend Pensive with this little announcement promoting her brand new community on LiveJournal.  At this spot, it's all about creative development and character design.

This is the one stop spot for all your comic and cartoon needs.  Whether you need advice on building character traits or have some concept art and ref sheets you want to share with other artists and story tellers, this is the group for you.  You have the opportunity to place old character designs up for adoption and also offer to design characters for potential clients. Anything at all, it's all right here.

Now, keep in mind that even though this isn't an exchange community, we feel it would be rather fun to do character design trades with other members in the near future. :D

So, if you guys are interested in partaking in in-depth production design discussion with other talented people, we encourage you to sign up to our incredibly creative community.  Pensive LOVES to design characters and share feedback on other artists' material, so let's wish her all the best on this group.

The Character Design and Development Club
Hey there. Just letting you know that I'm opening a few slots for commissions and stuff.

Regular commissions:
Sketches - $3 for bust or waist up, $5 for full body
Line Art - $5 for bust or waist up, $10 for full body
Color Pieces - $25 (single character)
Badges - $25
Icons - $10 (You'll get a 300x300, 200x200 and 100x100 file)

Please note me here on DA with which character you want. First come, first served. Thanks in advance!

Join us for an interactive art session online at
Ask me anything at
Ustreaming a few pics tonight.  Stop on by. Broadcasting live at
Hey, gang.  Just plugging this open commission call for specialty icons benefiting animated film and illustration.  This month, our icons series begins with the "Golden Book" art style (simply put, outline-free). Here's some examples:

Kiki the Lemur

Karpour the Kangaroo

I have 19 slots left in reserve.  If anyone is interested, note me as soon as you can.  Here's a special thanks to those who've made a donation so far.

1) ott-kun (done)
2) ott-kun (done)
3) Atkelar (done)
4) Bernard Roofus (done)
5) spatsbear (done)
6) spatsbear (done)
Your attention please. I'm currently working to help two of our amazing cartoonist pals :iconhenrieke: and :icontoonmascots: attend an upcoming event benefiting animated film this February. They are a little strapped at the moment and we are asking for all you guys out there to help pitch in a little.

Our goal is to raise $500 overall. So if you're interested in a pic or a donation, drop them a line and name your price. Also, for confidentiality purposes, no comments here please.

So be sure to lend a hand for these creative minds. They need your support. Thank you very much.
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Just writing to inform you lucky people out there that an art stream is in progress.  Drop on by.
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Hey, everybody.  Just checking in after a long and exciting weekend a the first annual CTN Animation Expo.  It was a great experience to work with and meet a lot of great talent this past weekend.  For your enjoyment, here are a few highlights from the show.  Enjoy.
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This interesting meme has been circulated for a while, so I thought it'd be a neat idea to try it out.  The content has been modified for obvious reasons.  Here goes.

1. Choose a few of your own characters.
2. Make them answer the following questions.
3. Then tag four people.

1. Morey
2. Marshak
3. Digby

1. What are you?

Morey: I'm your garden variety polecat
Marshak: I'm a short little muskrat
Digby: I am a marmot

2. Do you have any brothers or sisters?

Morey: One older brother, two younger brothers and two sisters
Marshak: A kid sister
Digby: I'm an only child

3. Height?

Morey: 4.5 heads high
Marshak: 3.8 heads high
Digby: 3.6 heads high

4. Age

Morey: 14
Marshak: 13
Digby: 13

5. Who's your best friend?

Morey: My pal Digby.  He's so observant at times, you know.
Marshak: My best friend is Guzz.  He's big for his age, but he's a good pal.
Digby:  So many choices... I would say Morey would be my bestest best friend.  Then there's my second bestest best friend, Mac.  She knows alot about being a good team player.

6. Do you have any pets?

Morey: I have a dog named Frostbite.  He might seem a little hyper sometimes, but I'm all right with that.
Marshak: I have a pet turtle.  His name is Josh.
Digby: I got a rock. :P

7. Have you beat up anyone?

Morey: Are you nuts?  I would never do bodily harm... even in self defense. :-/
Marshak: Um... no?
Digby: Uhn-uh.  Nosiree.

8. Do you hate anyone?

Morey: I don't believe in hate.
Marshak: Does it have to be somebody I know? :|
Digby: Hate is such a strong word.  In my case... nope.

9. Do you love anyone?

Morey: My dog Frostbite
Marshak: The Portland Trailblazers :P
Digby: My mom and dad

10. Job

Morey: I'm the fearless leader!
Marshak: I'm a darned good athlete
Digby: honor student

11. How do you relax?

Morey: Lounge out in the fresh air and look at the clouds.
Marshak: Sports and more sports.
Digby: Working on a few science projects here and there.

12. Let's say there's a person you really care about but she/he doesn't know your feelings. How do you tell them?

Morey: I'm blunt and to the point.
Marshak: I do things the polite and sincere way by asking them.
Digby: I've tried several times, but chicken out 8 times out of ten.

13. What kind of skills do you have?

Morey: I'm good at basketball and playing the xylophone. :P
Marshak: My skills are swimming and baseball.
Digby: I can count in French.

14. Favorite color?

Morey: Red!
Marshak: Green!
Digby: Indigo. ^___^

15. What do you do before you go to bed?

Morey: play video games-- after homework of course.
Marshak: Practice shooting a few hoops with my father.
Digby: I read books and write to my pen pals.

16. Do you know the others who are being questioned?

Morey: Digs is my main marmot dude.  Always helps me out of a jam.  Marshak, too.  You can always depend on that little guy.
Marshak: I've known Morey and Digby since grade school.  Although Morey does tend to get his hand in the cookie jar once too often.
Digby: Oh, yeah.  I know those guys.  Incidentally, Morey's been like a brother to me.  I know he'll always have my back... most of the time.

All right, folks.  If you see your avie, you've been tagged.  For anyone else who want to try it, good luck.

:iconcameron627: :iconraunchyopposition: :iconbluebottleflyer: :iconkmadden2004:
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Hey, guys.  Just writing to let you know that I'll be hosting another art stream this afternoon at 1 PM Eastern/10 AM Pacific Time.  I'll be doing a little bit of inking on one of my recent projects.  See you there.

Kresblamania on
Just wanted to let all of you lucky people out there in the know that commissions, collabs, requests and trades are open year round.  Items include, but are not limited to...

Pencil Sketches: Starting at $1
The Geeky Mink

Vector Line Art: Starting at $3
Professor Gerbil

Digital Color: Starting at $5
Morey DiRusso

with Background: Starting at $8
K-9 Insomniac

Additional characters @ half price.
Ringtail & Ringtail

For more information, inquire within at  Thanks for your consideration and have a nice day. B-)
Hey, guys.  Just writing to announce an art stream I'm holding this afternoon at 5:30 PM Eastern/2:30 PM Pacific Time.  I'll be sprucing up a nice little gift piece that I recieved recently from :iconfablepaint:.  Hope you'll join us for that.

Kresblamania on